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Scott Bonnar


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Greenkeeper sx800


Scott Bonnar Greenkeeper sx 800

Rover sx 800 Engine$330.00

Scott Bonnar Greenkeeper with a Rover sx 800 Engine and 18" steel deck.


Scott Bonnar Greenkeeper has an 18"steel deck with a Scott Bonnar sx4000 engine. It features 2 swing back blades for superior cutting and catching. It is suitable for small block sizes.

  • Scott Bonnar sx4000 Engine
  • 18" rear discharge steel deck
  • 2 swing back blades
  • Engine Brake for added safety
Model Number:
  Rover sx 800 Engine
  46cm (18") high arch durable steel that cuts to the edge both sides
Engine Brake:
  Standard - stops the engine upon release of the handle and complies with
Australian Standards (AS2657)
Cutting Options:   Rear discharge catcher
  2 swing back blades for superior cutting and catching that protects the engine if a solid object is hit
Block Size:  

Blocks less than 2000m² (½ acre)

Warranty:   Consumer: 5 years on the engine, 2 years on the unit
Commercial: 90 days on the engine, 90 days on the unit
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