About Us

Chisholm and Shaw Automotive has been in operation since 1985, and we continue to grow and improve every year. The business began with a strong focus on working with fuel sales, vehicle servicing and repairs. With our growth we have been able to extend our services to sales, service and repairs of lawn mowers, chainsaws, ATV motorbike, pumps and other outdoor power equipment.

Our extensive knowledge and experienced has led us to be a Polaris and Stihl authorised sales and repairs dealership for over 10 years as well as receiving a 25 year membership with the VACC in 2010.

Chisholm and Shaw continues to grow and improve as our valued clients needs do. To speak to our friendly staff, or find out more about our professional services, please contact us today.

Our Team

Graeme Chisholm and Ross Shaw formed a partnership back in 1985 and have expanded the business now employing 7 staff members.

Chisholm and Shaw pride their business on their customer service satisfaction and willingness to assist all customers who visit their automotive service centre.

The friendly team at Chisholm and Shaw Automotive includes:
  • Graeme Chisholm: Owner, sales and mechanical servicing
  • Ross Shaw: Owner, Polaris sales and servicing
  • Karen Chisholm: Administration, sales and customer service
  • Judy Hoffmann: Administration, sales, spare parts and customer service
  • Tony McCrimmon: Mechanical servicing
  • Noelene Ryan: Sales and customer service
  • Russell Gouldthorpe: Sales and customer service

Chisholm & Shaw
98 High Street, YEA Victoria | Phone (03) 5797 2302
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